Charles Neville & Youssoupha Sidibe

Charles Neville “Horn Man” of the Legendary Neville Brothers and Youssoupha Sidibe, West African Kora Master, join together bridging Senegalese and New Orleans’ sound to make something that has never been heard before!

Brenda McMorrow and John de Kadt

Brenda McMorrow and John de Kadt create a powerful and ecstatic Kirtan experience of song and sound, featuring Brenda’s exquisite voice and folk-inspired guitar and John’s mesmerizing percussion and spoken word. Their music and mystic poetry, along with the sublime steel Hang (pronounced “hung”), take us on a stirring, nourishing and heart opening journey into the world of sacred sound.

Brenda McMorrow


Brenda OM photo

Devotional Chant Artist Brenda McMorrow travels worldwide sharing her deep devotion to the celebration of our true beings through the joyous practice of Kirtan. She has accompanied Grammy Award winning cellist David Darling and Kirtan musicians such as Jai Uttal, Wah!, David Newman and Dave Stringer and has been invited to Bhakti Yoga Festivals and events across North America, Europe and Asia as part of her most recent touring schedule. When not on the Bhakti road, Brenda calls beautiful Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Brenda’s Sri Ma Video with David Darling:



John de Kadt

John de Kadt is a percussionist, storyteller and poet from the United States. He has studied and played ethnic hand percussive instruments for over 30 years, studied with percussion masters around the world, and has performed on PBS and NBC. John tours internationally and plays at Yoga festivals, retreats and events across the globe. He is a founding member of the Hanumen and has released 4 CD’s and is highly sought after for his unique blending of drums,mystic poetry and




Coming from the mossy forests of the Northern Lands on the west coast of Elven Country, Kaminanda’s ever evolving sound is a playground of original deep Midtempo grooves, tribal rhythms, creative trip hop,complex Dub and lush downtempo textures. Playing live sets with guitar, keyboards, flutes, melodica, and vocals,Kaminanda’s music is designed to take the listener/dancer on a journey traversing diverse landscapes reflecting the evolution of our collective consciousness….Having shared his creations at electronic music festivals such as Entheos, Shambhala, Symbiosis,Beloved,Rootwire,LIB,Burning Man and Earthdance,as well as international festivals Envision,Boom and Eclipse Australia. Kaminanda’s ever evolving sound is a kaleidoscope of warm melodies and twisting ,winding compositions. With a freshly released sophomore album Kaminanda showcases the evolution of his ideas and style… You can Listen and Buy that album here . He has shared the stage with Bluetech,Gaudi,Tipper,Ott,Bird of Prey and Kalya Scintilla. ,Kaminanda is excited to share this adventure with you…


“It’s as if Freddie Mercury, David Byrne, an early David Bowie, Afrika Bambaataa, and the Cure’s Robert Smith had gotten together and had a baby. He (Morgan Sorne) is an enigma, chanting like an ancient tribesman, stomping like he’s dancing for rain, and whirling like a helicopter, while his voice scales the ranges of the mesmerizing and hypnotic, to almost unnaturally Edith Piaf high notes.” -Stephen Macmillan Moser of Austin Chronicle

SORNE sounds of the future gawking at you with a gaping mouth, fearlessly and enveloped in mysticism. They will make you lose your mind. – Red River Noise

A wonderful brand of twisted, deeply textured abstract pop. Sonically and conceptually it reaches beyond genre definition. – Bowlegs Music

Nonconformist in nature, brilliant in execution. This is absolutely phenomenal in every sense of the word. Music cannot get more unique and authentic as this.– Sputnik Music

A conceptual, wide screen epic that unfolds in shivering awe. – Doug Freeman of the Austin Chronicle

Echoes of Tv on the Radio’s ghostly pop. – San Francisco’s Bold Italic

Sounds like Anthony and the Johnsons inhabiting the more esoteric realms of the Mars Volta. – Austin Powell of the Austin Chronicle

Somewhere in the same realm as Yeasayer’s psychedelic pop. – Austin 360

I definitely recommend going to the show and witnessing the otherworldly artistic performance for yourself. – OVRLD

Theatrical creativity at its finest. This one deserves your complete attention. – Austin Music Weekly

Completely blown away. – Peel Post

Janover & reSunator

Jamie Janover is recognized as a true innovator. His considerable creative output includes: being a master of the ancient percussion stringed instrument called the hammered dulcimer, inventing and performing on an instrument he calls the “mini-kit” (a miniature amplified drum kit), playing pyrocussion (fire drums) and creating the RealmsMobile (a recumbent tricycle with the mini-kit attached, enabling him to ride and play drums simultaneously).

By combining recent innovations in modern technology with the wisdom of ancient instruments, Janover achieves a balance between the electronic and the acoustic to create a unified field: music reflective of the nature of modern times.

For many years Janover has maintained a rigorous international touring schedule with several acts including: PRAANG (w/ EOTO & Steve Kimock), ZILLA (w/ Michael Travis from SCI and VibeSquaD), LYNX & Janover and the Everyone Orchestra (w/ a revolving lineup). Jamie is also a veteran of hundreds of collaborations and guest appearances, having performed on stage with artists including Phish, Bela Fleck, The String Cheese Incident, G. Love & Special Sauce, Umphrey’s McGee, Keller Williams, Beats Antique, Stanley Jordan and many others.

In the past 2 years alone Janover has performed at over 50 festivals in countries as diverse as Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Australia, Indonesia, Canada & the USA and is currently touring solo, performing electroacoustic live PA set style shows using his unique live rig which includes hammered dulcimer, laptop computer, mini-kit, sampler, sitar, electric kalimba, midi controllers and percussion.

When not playing music, you can find Janover connecting dots around the world in his extensive travels and collaborations in multiple creative realms including creating stunning images as a professional photographer and making sculpture works using natural found objects. Janover’s life-long interest in the true nature of reality and the universe brought him to become an official emissary for scientist Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Project, delivering fascinating presentations on the physics of unified field theory.

Chris Berry

Grammy award winner Chris Berry is an eclectic singer and songwriter, multi-instrumentalist virtuoso, and high-energy performer and teacher. From his humble beginning during Robert Mugabe’s regime in Zimbabwe, he has blasted his powerful Afro-infused sound around the World for over twenty years; rocking audiences from NYC’s Irving Plaza to sold out stadiums in South Africa and Sydney Australia’s famous Opera House. He has released over a dozen albums; scored the soundtrack for three films; and has been collaborating and performing with some of the World’s best performers like Eminem, Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann, Senegalese Afro-Pop sensation Yousoou N’dour, Cuban Legends Los Munequitos de Mantanzas, Jazz artist Paul Winter, Jamaican rhythm and production duo Sly (Dunbar) and Robbie (Shakespeare), Fugee’s producer Handel Tucker, and many more.

Chris was born and raised in California where he began his apprenticeship with Master Drummer Titos Sompa (one of the founders of the African drum and dance scene on the West Cost of the U.S.) as a fifteen year old boy. This relationship led him into a ten year journey to Africa. Eight of these years were spent in Zimbabwe during the Mugabe Regime. During this tumultuous political period, Chris found himself living in the ghettos and villages of Zimbabwe where he sought to study the music of the Shona people, adding to his growing repertoire of Traditional African Music. He became initiated by the village elders into their heritage, mastered the Mbira, and learned to speak their language fluently. Immersed in the culture of all-night Mbira Ceremonies, Chris found his voice singing among the polyrhythmic harmonies commonly found throughout Zimbabwe and most of South Africa. It was soon after that his musical career took off. Encouraged by his teachers to create his own compositions, he formed the band Panjea which fused Funk with elements of Hip-Hop, Afro-Pop, and traditional African music. The band quickly had No. 1 hits on the radio, toured all over Africa, and reached Platinum Record Sales on an album they recorded with Zimbabwean-based Gramma Records. As Chris Berry and Panjea’s popularity rapidly grew, Chris was warned to leave Zimbabwe due to his lyrical opposition to the oppressing government, and instructions from his teachers to take his music out to the world, but it wasn’t until four of Panjea’s band members succumbed to AIDS and attempts were made on his own life that Chris left Zimbabwe.

From there, Chris has toured extensively around the globe including North and Central America, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Asia, and Africa as a frontman and bandleader. He performed the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia; co-wrote for Paul Winter’s Grammy Award Winning 2009 “Winter Solstice” album; taught music and culture as a guest faculty member at Oberlin and Berklee Colleges of Music, University of Colorado Boulder, Williams College and Stanford University and his own Panjea Foundation for Cultural Education; and has headlined in major Music Festivals around the World.

In the last few years Chris has collaborated with Steve Kimock, members of the Brazilian Girls, Baaba Maal, Thomas Mapfumo, Oliver Mutukudzi, Manu Dibango, Xavier Rudd, String Cheese Incident and spent six months working and recording with the Central African Republic Pygmies to score the soundtrack for the film “Oka!”

Based out of Brooklyn, NY and Hawaii, he is now collaborating with Maverick label Kanaga System Krush with whom he is releasing his newest album, “King Of Me”. On this latest project, Chris breaks through to a whole new level expanding the Mbira’s tonal range and electrifying the instrument through a special bass and guitar rig; singing and simultaneously playing bass, rhythm and melodies over Ivorian powerhouse, Abou Diarrassouba on drum set.


Drawing on varying influences both musical and spiritual, Incus stands beyond simple definition in its musicality and style.

During the last many years, Incus toured countless miles, making music at various festivals including Envision Festival, Burning Man, Unifier Festival, DiscJam, PermaJam, Zen Awakening, Devotionfest, Gratifly Festival, Boston Green Fest, 3DL, Firedance, and at various venues in the US and in Central America.

An Incus  performance is a gathering of people who come together to live and breathe the fullness of being alive. With the ability to get crowds sweating in their dance and singing from their hearts, the band is equally at home onstage, plugged in or acoustic, in cathedrals with choirs, or at festivals around the country. They have gained appreciative followings from these diverse settings.

Jason Cohen, the visionary force of the band, has been producing powerful healing and expressive arts gatherings with a focus on reverence for nature, and inspiring people through creativity, for many years. He is a big part of an exciting Land project in Massachusetts, is the Director of a 501c3 “The HeARTbeat Collective”, and curates New England’s premier Summer Solstice event, Unifier Festival. Jason is also known for his work producing 34 Forestdance gatherings, which have taken place in 7 US states and 12 times in Costa Rica.

Incus has 3 studio albums and 1 live album recorded at Alex Grey’s COSM.  Their latest full length release is entitled “Reconciliation”.

Incus weaves together and honors Land, Ceremony, Culture Creation, Ecstatic Experience, Creativity and Community, and acts as an inspiring carrier of the wisdom and song of this work.

Jason Cohen: vocals and keys
Debo Ray: vocals & percussion
Esperanza Yennie: vocals & percussion
Brian Wolverton: Surbarhar
Thomas Matherly: Bass
Jed Blume: tablas and percussion

Incus: New Warrior Song

Incus: What Am I

Incus: New Medicine Song


I believe that songs live and breathe on our breath, pulsing to the rhythm of our heart beat. If not carried and sung they are lost, forgotten. It is my prayer and intention to gather songs from around the world and share the story of human care, love and connection to the Earth and One another.

Gifted with a broad, soaring vocal range and crystalline tone Peia’s song pierces the heart with bell like clarity.  She sings with depth and beauty, moving audiences to tears and inviting listeners to reconnect with one’s own purpose and the heart of the Earth.  Accompanying herself with Charango,  Harmonium, and Guitar and surrounded by a rich ensemble that weaves lush vocal harmonies, an eclectic array of percussion and virtuoso classical guitar.  Peia’s music creates an organic soundscape for vibrational healing.


Peia copyAs a sacred song preserver Peia has gathered songs from indigenous traditions all across the globe, as well as the stories and teachings with which they are woven.  She has traveled extensively and studied from the rich lineages of Medieval Chant, Bulgarian and Celtic Folk Music, Medicine songs from the Native peoples of North and South America and Indian Classical Raga.  Peia’s original song writing draws upon a deep well love and respect for Mother Earth and the Spirit of all Life.

Born in the back hills of Connecticut, Peia spent most of her childhood playing in the forests, hiding out in tree tops and learning from the sounds and patterns in the nature around her.  In 2002 she  moved to Boston  where she attended New England Conservatory of Music on scholarship to receive extensive training in Western Classical Voice and Opera, vocal pedagogy, composition, and improvisation.  In 2007 she made the long trip west to Portland Oregon where she began a deeper study of Indian Classical singing and joined Trillium Voices – An Estonian vocal ensemble.  In 2009 Peia made her recording debut with Grammy Nominee Ronn McFarlane for the Album Ayre Heart and the following year released Semi Somnus – a beautiful and eclectic collaboration with guitarist Chris Mosley.  In 2012 she released her first solo album The Dance of Devotion  – a stunning collection of poetic and devotional love songs.  Her latest recording  Four Great Winds – a journey through traditional and neo-sacred song – was self released in May 2013 and has been signed to Sounds True for global release in the fall of 2015.Peia dance of devotion promo shot

Peia currently splits her time between Portland and the lush, wild hills of Southern OR where she teaches Voice Cultivation and the Yoga of Sound.  Fusing her knowledge of Vocal Pedagogy – (The Science of the Voice) with the ancient meditative practice of Nada Yoga, she imparts upon her students the tools to harness the natural beauty and resonance of the voice.

For further information, see: &

Autumn Skye

“My purpose is to create. In that process I find stillness and rhythm, my teacher and passion. With intention, I aim to share honesty and awakening; to celebrate this fantastic adventure; to inspire and be inspired. Each canvas takes me on a journey, and as my paintbrush follows, each time I am lead back to my center.

In this shifting and challenging Time, I feel a deep stirring, a potent blossoming of creativity. It is all around us, gaining momentum and strength; in our own lives, in those of our family and community, and in the collective experience. It is our divine duty to create and share inspiration, especially at this time of change. As we honor our own personal creativity, we contribute vitally to the whole. We inspire those around us to celebrate, we empower them to create, we manifest visual mirrors to the light, divinity, and potential of each viewer.

As in any art form, as we release judgment, silence our mind, breathe deep into the process, and find bliss in each step; we realize that we are boundlessly assisted in our authentic and heart-centered expression. We step out of the way. We realize that the Art is not born of us, but through us, and in this understanding we are humbled, yet profoundly empowered. Each creation is an offering: a positive reflection of ourselves and humanity, a celebration of evolving consciousness, an opportunity for healing and deepening, a vision of a bright future and Now.

May my paintings be a mirror, a reflection of your universal light, your human essence, and your timeless divinity.”


Born in Nova Scotia, Autumn Skye moved with her family West across Canada.  She spent her youth between the majesty of the Rocky Mountains with her Father, and the lush coastal rainforests with her Mother.  Autumn Skye has been painting since she could hold a brush, developing a deep wonder for nature and the world around her.

Amidst journeys to explore the world and share inspiration with the ever blossoming community, Autumn Skye otherwise lives and paints in her home north of Powell River on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.  In her studio, she overlooks a sweeping expanse of ocean, islands, mountains, and sky.  She considers herself among the blessed of the blessed.


Dynasty Electric

“The duo Dynasty Electric is mysterious and hypnotic.”- Mike Wolf, TIME OUT NEW YORK ”Reminiscent of PJ Harvey with the combination of strength and sensuality…Dynasty Electric

establishes themselves as fine purveyors of arty indie rock.” IMPACT PRESS

Rising from the Brooklyn underground, Dynasty Electric’s explosive live shows and unique blend of electro pop and psychedelic folk rock has earned the group critical praise and attention from around the globe. Fronted by the powerful and seductive vocals (and theremin) of Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric’s retro-futuristic pop sound is crafted by Seth Misterka (Anthony Braxton, Shy Child, Hot Chip), featuring his densely layered production and live instrumentation.

In 2009, the group caught the attention of hip-hop mogul Damon Dash and entered into the studio with legendary producer Ski Beatz (Jay-Z, Camp Lo, Curren$y), who infused their infectious electro- pop melodies with his signature beats and created a sound that quickly infiltrated the New York nightlife scene. The album, “Golden Arrows”, was independently released in May 2011. British music news outlet NME named “Radiation”, a track from the record as one of the “Top MP3 Downloads” during that week. Dynasty Electric was also named an “Artist to Watch” on Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio. The title track was featured in a Victoria’s Secret ad campaign.

In the summer of 2011, Dynasty Electric released a single “Electric Love” (with guest drummer Brian Chase from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), and signed with Brooklyn-based label No Shame. Their self-titled album was produced by David Maurice (Kerli, Garbage) and features critically acclaimed turntablist, DJ Logic. It was released in May 2012. The first single and video “Eye Wide Open” premiered on Nylon Blog, aired on MTV’s 120 minutes and has become a viral YouTube hit. It has also been the subject of over 450 remixes worldwide through Indaba Music. The second single, “Just Like That” was featured in a Victoria’s Secret National TV commercial.

In 2013, Dynasty Electric launched their own media label and events company- NewSonic (Frenchkiss Label Group). On November 12th, they released their open-source project “Euphoria”, with help from fans & friends from around the world. NewSonic, featured in BlackBook Magazine, is known for it’s diverse scene of extraordinary musicians, visual artists, and visionaries.

Dynasty Electric has toured Japan, Taiwan, Canada, the Dominican Republic and all over the United States. Some notable past gigs include direct support for Girltalk, Paul Oakenfold, and Atmosphere at Summerfest, for Rubblebucket at Majestic Theater, tours with The Meat Puppets and Curren$y, and performances at Highline Ballroom, Bowery Ballroom, Gramercy Theater, Webster Hall, Joe’s Pub, Brooklyn Museum, Tribeca Grand Hotel, Santos Party House, Stage 48, Spaceland Ballroom, Brooklyn Bowl, Le Poisson Rouge, SXSW, CMJ, PEX, DBMC, Burning Man, Burlington Jazzfest, Tinderbox Fest at Music Hall of Williamsburg, Connecting For Change at the Zeiterion Theater, KarmaFest, Wanderlust “Night of Light”, & Unicorn Meat’s Surreal with Moby & RJD2.


In addition to releasing albums and touring with Dynasty Electric, Seth and Jenny have been practicing yogis for the past 15 years. We have a media and events company, NewSonic. We’ve been hosting conscious celebrations in Brooklyn and working with artists and visionary companies for the past decade, including co-founding the Green Bus Tour. We recently recorded & released two albums with a notable sound healer, Lisa Murphy, and continue to study sound healing & mantras with Fairhaven Healing Arts Center. We are currently ambassadors for Organic India, alongside MC Yogi and DJ Drez.

Dynasty Electric has performed at a number of yoga music festivals & events, including Wanderlust “Night of Light”, KarmaFest, Gratitude Harvest Festival, Jam Jam, Free Spirit GatheringConnecting for Change, at Unitribe events in NYC, and Mystic Garden with Alex & Allyson Grey live painting.

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