DJ Journey Weaver

DJ Journey Weaver (aka. Sarah Monette)
Inspired by a love of dance and connection, Journey moves your spirit and form through space with the push of beats and the invitation of melody. From organic world rhythms to ambient chill, deep house to global base… each set is nourishingly familiar yet cravingly unique. Producer of Nexus Ecstatic Dance AmherstGLOW (an I-Opener NYC project)Ecstatic Dance Boston  and Co-founder of I-Opener Dance, she also works with Mandala, Redivine Dance NH, Dance New England, and several festival organizations around the world.
Journey’s other projects include Nexus Expressions .. a multilayer collective that designs, facilitates, promotes and manages dance events, instructors, transformational retreats, DJs, and workshops ….and Synthesis – Authentic Relating which guides connective group experiences through interactive exercises and movement in regular meetups and immersion retreats.  She has a passion for systems and creating experiences which invite nourishing exploration in the dance and relational delight in community.
Her recent appearances include..
~ Goa Ecstatic Festival
~ Dance Lab NYC
~ Ecstatic Dance Tel Aviv
~ Authentic International Maui
~ Dance Beyond Guatemala
~ Soul Play Festival California
~ SAMA Vancouver
~ Ecstatic Dance Berlin
She plays for contact improv jams, music & art festivals, ecstatic dances, guided journeys, yoga workshops, Daybreaker, and more… providing a range of experiences from warm up morning flow to high-vibe midnight peak. Journey loves traveling and adores taking dancers on a wave of creative expression and connective discovery!
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Float and Flow

SUP Yoga: Float and Flow – paddle out onto the lake and anchor for an all levels vinyasa class. Find your breath and connect with yourself while immersed in nature.



The Art and Soul of Grieving

The workshop will be a mini-version of what I offer in my full day workshops. It will shine a light on the ways that we unknowingly treat our invisible wounds and how we can become aware of and change these patterns if we wish. I will share very specific tools to help uncover old wounds that we have put a band-aid on that actually needed a little more attention. There is some emotional heavy lifting involved here but never fear. Grieving well is an art form and something we can learn to do. It begins as a gift you offer to yourself but becomes the greatest thing you can do for everyone that you love. This is an enlightening and liberating process that allows us to feel more ease and freedom in our lives so that we can fully live out our days in the ways are most meaningful for us.

I am a Grief Specialist who guides and supports people during the grieving process. I help my clients uncover any unresolved issues as far back as childhood and then share specific tools to help them emotionally recover from one or many losses over the course of their lives. It is vitally important that we learn how to grieve well for our own well being but also for the health and wellness of our families, communities and the greater global family that we are all a part of. When we liberate our pain we also liberate our joy. Then we can align ourselves more fully with our truest selves and deliver our unique gifts to the world.

Healing Arts Walk

The Unifier Festival — a healing and expressive arts world music festival — is inviting the public to participate in an eight-township community walk from Amherst to Tolland, MA, June 20-22, to raise awareness about our food systems.

The three-day, 45-mile walk will begin June 20 on the Amherst Town Common and pass through eight townships (Amherst, Hadley, Northampton, Easthampton, Southampton, Westfield, Granville, and Tolland) across Western Massachusetts before concluding in Tolland on June 22, to highlight the start of the festival. The Unifier Festival, June 22-24, is the largest annual event in the town of Tolland, and will feature over 100 musicians, each chosen for the heart and spirit that shines through their work.

Jason Cohen, founder of the festival and organizer of the walk, said the goal is to collect food donations at the end of each day’s walk as a way of demonstrating that no American should ever go hungry in this land of abundance. We’re seeking locally grown food first to strengthen small and family-owned farms while simultaneously improving food access and public health. However, all food donations will be accepted.  The food will go to the Western Mass Food Bank and Our Community Pantry of Tolland.

Community members are invited to join us on any portion of the walk as it passes through their hometown for a few blocks, one mile, or a whole day, if they wish. Participants who complete the whole 45-mile walk receive free weekend admission to the Unifier Festival.

“Throughout American history peace walks and marches have punctuated major social-change events,” said Ken Johnston, an amateur long distance hiker from Amherst, who is helping to plan the walk.  “What better way to ‘Be A Local Hero’ then raising awareness about the benefits of eating locally grown food, Johnston said.

More than 1,500 people are expected to attend the Unifier Festival, the Northeast’s premier high vibe music and arts festival at Camp Timber Trail. Featured activities for the family will include organic food, music, yoga, dancing circus arts, sculptural works, and more. “Many festivals are considered escapes or weekend enlightenment experiences.  This event is an example of how the Unifier community like to walk their talk and be positive influencers beyond the scope of their weekend together,” Cohen said.

Groups or organizations seeking walking information or a desire to support the Unifier Healing & Expressive Arts Food Drive may contact Ken Johnston at

Sacred Sound Illumination

Join the Sacred Sound Illumination guided by Khem Reyall and Jonathon Mota. Experience the tuning forks, shruti songs, crystal pyramids, and other healing instruments that allow your sacred body to enter a deep state of relaxation, transformation and ALL LOVE. Khem and Jonathon integrate Sekhem Energy Healing into the Sacred Sound Illumination. Sekhem is an Egyptian word that means universal togetherness and oneness.


Earth School: Navigating Trauma & Addiction

Kaitlyn is a 200 hr. Yoga Alliance certified instructor, healer, and spiritual advocate for those in recovery.

Trauma is not relative. Addiction does not discriminate. Every human is in recovery in one way or another. This can be painful and isolating which often leads to the development of unhealthy coping mechanisms in terms of addiction and harmful behavioral patterns. The purpose of this workshop is to assist participants in navigating the material world to find the common thread and connection that we share but often have trouble connecting with daily. Kaitlyn offers practical steps to cultivate a daily spiritual practice and deepen participants relationship with self.

Hannah Tosi

Hannah Tosi


Hannah Tosi
Hannah Tosi is a lover of the human body, mind, and spirit and all that fuels us. Her interest in movement first developed in the world of ballet. For 16 years she studied in intensive pre-professional programs at Boston Ballet and Jose Mateo’s Ballet Theatre, and went on to dance with the university dance program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she also earned her degree in Public Health. In 2010 her dance practiced evolved into yoga as a gentler, more compassionate, and life-affirming approach to taking care of her body. She unexpectedly discovered the power these practices had in helping recover from trauma and live with more fullness and vitality. Hannah Tosi received her certification at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in June 2014. Since then she has taught yoga at music and art festivals across New England and at InanItah spiritual eco-village in Nicaragua. She formerly taught slow-paced, all-level, family, and community-yoga classes in Boston and surrounding areas prior to moving to Western Massachusetts to study Clinical Social Work at Smith College. When not studying or teaching, you can still find her on dance floors, in the mountains, or cooking up some plant-based food in her kitchen.


Omar Aena

Omar Aena is a conscious dance ambassador and community organizer based in New York City. His passion and focus is in bringing people together to experience a sense of belonging, connection and freedom.

He is co-organizer, facilitator and DJ at Ecstatic Dance NYC and creator of Dance Lab, a weekly event in Brooklyn for somatic inquiry. A student of various mystical traditions – including Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism, Advaita Vedanta and other philosophies of non-duality – Omar seeks to integrate these age-old, wisdom teachings into his life in the big city.

His background in Conscious Dance started in 2012 when he was introduced to 5Rhythms and then eventually Ecstatic Dance. This set him off on a journey around the world, meeting and dancing with many different communities, absorbing various styles, flavors and inspirations from each one. He has now stepped into DJ’ing, where his globally inspired + NYC rooted taste in music has been shaking and awakening conscious dance floors around the world.


Christina Holmes

When Christina Holmes sings, walls, barriers, and boundaries disappear.

In the classic troubadour tradition, the New Jersey-born and Rhode Island-based songstress shares a piece of herself in every composition, welcoming listeners closer. Finding a sweet spot in the middle of acoustic, folk, reggae, rock, and pop music, she represents the same values and vision on stage and off.

​Simply put, what you see is what you get…

“I’m always just very honest and real,” she exclaims. “We’re all human. I allow listeners into my life by going deeper. I’m not afraid to show my vulnerable side. I have a message. I’ve gained so much confidence through music, and I hope I can inspire others to chase their dreams too.”

​Holmes began chasing her dream as a kid. Inspired by Bob Marley, Tracy Chapman, The Beach Boys, and The Beatles, she quietly wrote songs in her bedroom and sang in the shower, hiding this burgeoning skill from mom and dad. It took college friends pushing the budding talent to hit the stage during an open mic night in freshman year, but she eventually became hooked on playing out anywhere and everywhere. Between regular open mics around Rhode Island and dive bar gigs in New York City, she linked up with the charity Musicians On Call and performed for countless bedridden hospital patients. 2012 saw her take the stage for the world famous “Amateur Night” at the Apollo and leave with a standing ovation. In 2014, she released her full-length debut Peace, Love, & C. Holmes and joined Trevor Hall for a sold-out North American tour over the course of 2015.

Everything led up to the next move. Launching her own label Cove House in 2017, she dove headfirst into her sophomore effort with producer Warren Huart [Colbie Caillat, James Blunt]. After only two-and-a-half weeks in a Los Angeles studio, she emerged with Stand Up. For the first time, a studio recording captured the prowess of the vocalist’s powerhouse presence on stage.

“Whether I had a band or not, my goal for the album was to bottle the live energy,” she goes on. “That’s how I’ve always connected with others. The sound, vocals, and guitar needed to be urgent. I think we accomplished that.”

Fittingly, the artist introduced the album via marathon of touring alongside the likes of Hall, Xavier Rudd, and Nahko & Medicine for the People. Her live energy shines through the 2018 single “Bring The People Together.” Driven by lithe acoustic guitar and simmering reggae grooves, it presents a concrete mission statement loud and clear.

“The words are super powerful,” she remarks. “The title says it all. I want to bring people together and help them. I want to empower others to spread peace and know the same peace no matter what they’re going through. When they listen to what I’m doing, I hope they feel like they can stand up and defeat anything in their path. It’s my upbeat anthem offering unity to the world.”

From the plaintive lyrical poetry and wind-swept soul of “Let My Music Free Your Soul” to the clarion call of “Stand Up,” her voice resounds with power and passion. However, the final track “Always” tugs at the heartstrings the most. Written after the passing of her dad David Holmes, Sr., it incorporates the last voicemail he left Christina.

“The chorus is comprised of words in a birthday card that he wrote me on my 21st birthday,” she recalls. “I found that card a month after he passed away in one of my guitars. The verse and bridge are my words. The song ends with a voicemail he left me. It’s the love I have for him and the loss I feel not having him anymore. His words are how I feel. I would’ve said the same thing he did.”

In the end, Christina has only just begun to bring people together.

​“When you hear my records or see me live, I want you to feel something, whether it’s happy or sad,” she leaves off. “I’d love for you to let go of anything that’s holding you back. Music did that for me.”


Senagales Dance

Lamine Touré is widely recognized as one of Senegal’s leading percussionists. Born into a griot family of sabar drummers and dancers, Lamine Touré has been drumming since the age of four, performing with his family troupe at weddings, baptisms, and dance events. He is currently artist-in-residence at MIT where he leads the MIT Senegalese drum ensemble Rambax, and also teaches sabar drum and dance classes in the Boston area. For more information, visit


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