Community Talking Circle

Peak experiences of growth, expansion, and self discovery can only be fully integrated into new patterns of being and relating when balanced with restful moments of reflection and connection. Join this heart-centered practice of deep listening to self and others as we explore what in-the-moment feelings and experiences are arising to be made conscious, compassionately witnessed in community and, ultimately, integrated into our daily lives. The container will be held in the tradition of The Way of Council.

Council is an ancient way and modern practice whose roots are within the natural world, spanning diverse cultures and religions. This practice elicits an experience of true community, recognizing that each voice needs to be heard, that every person has a gift, a story to share, a piece of the whole. How do we remember all our relations, embrace differences, and find our own voices, while opening to others? It seems more than ever an essential time in our nation and around the world, to awaken this deep relational heart-mind.” Jack and Gigi Coyle – Founders of The Way of Council


Ashkii Yahzee


The sweat lodge represents us going into the spiritual womb of Mother Earth to be cleansed and to make connection with creator and the spirits/ancestors and one of the oldest way of prayer to our native peoples. To heal yourself, pray and connect with creator, the getting ready to be reborn and start a new life.

Ashkii Yahzee

Ashkii Yahzee is a storyteller of the Dine Tribe of Northeastern Arizona-
Sharing oral traditions through flute song and storytelling. Together we learn about the sacred voice and teachings of the Native American Flute and receive a gentle reminder of our mission and purpose as a people today through ancient Dine stories.



Cora-Sol is the alter ego and stage presence of flow artist and free form dancer, Coraima Rae. Coraima (otherwise known as “Cora”) has carried a passionate spiritual connection to movement and creative expression since childhood. She attended highschool at the “Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts” where she studied various forms such as musical theater, which encompassed dancing (hip-hop, ballet, jazz, contemporary) singing, character acting, creative writing, and even jewelry/costume designing. She also has experience with working in technical theater where she learned about stage lighting/sound, set designing, and prop making.

Based out of Hartford Connecticut, Cora-Sol has been performing locally and regionally for the last four years providing visually captivating and immersive experiences for audiences all around. Cora’s intrinsic ability to adapt to almost any musical rhythm and converge it with her own unique style creates a one-of-a-kind performance that will be sure to draw in any crowd. She offers a wide variety of performance styles and themed shows for audiences of any age range.


Lia Simone

Lia offers amazing and unique entertainment for events of all kinds using a wide variety of fire props along with elegant and lively dance performance. She has been spinning fire and performing for over 7 years.


Stepping Up Yo’ Acro Game

Jeremy Martin is a grade A Acro yoga teacher and goofball, serving his community by teaching what he loves from festivals to circus schools all over the country. Currently based in Boston MA but also known as the one and only @homelessyogi , if you manage can catch a class with him when he rolls through your town, you are destined to (not walk but) fly away with a ton of learning and laughs under your belt.
Carly Gladyce is an Herbalist and Acro enthusiast based in Ithaca NY but hitting the road this summer for a grand tour of healing and acrobatic communities across the USA. She loves sharing the challenges and rewards of acro play with experienced folks and newbies alike. She hosts weekly acro jams in her area. @herbs4carly has been known to take long plant walks in the woods and spend hours talking about herbal healing but when it comes time for acro, she spring up on your feet faster than a weed after a rainstorm.

We would like to offer classes, beginner and intermediate, in order to share our love of acro yoga// partner acrobatics with folks at this festival. Our class will be tailored to maintain high levels of fun, safety, learning, trust building and FUN!


Yoga & Sound Healing

This is a 2 hour program. Time is suspended as you enter a world of vibration, sensation, and experience. Physical injuries can be healed and old emotional traumas released. Great insights can be accessed. The only pre-requisite is the willingness to receive. Please bring a blanket and pillow for additional comfort.

What to expect:
• The first 45 minutes include a gentle yoga sequence, accompanied by soothing acoustic guitar leaving you open and ready to receive the Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing offerings, fully embodied.
• The following 15/20 minutes take you on an journey into a deep state of relaxation through a guided meditation (Yoga Nidra/Psychic Sleep).
• The remaining hour is spent resting on your back, bathing in a sound experience that will encourage deep relaxation, rejuvenation and an acceleration of your inward journey


Mushrooms 101


A lot of people say mushrooms are going to save the world. Perhaps they are already doing it.

Dive into the entrancing world of mushrooms with this exciting workshop led by spore master – Alex Dorr.

Mushrooms have the ability to degrade toxic waste including plastic, stop cancerous tumors in their tracks, make alternatives to styrofoam, plywood, leather, and even build a house. They are the largest and one of the oldest organisms on the planet. Their wisdom to give us food, medicine and profound entheogenic experiences is extraordinary. They have shaped our evolution and consciousness, formed religions, and saved millions of lives. Learn what all the hyphae is about in this 101 workshop all about mushrooms. Dive in and come out the other side totally inoculated!


Get yourself into the woods and connect to the mystical world of Mushrooms. Cultivate the remembrance of our ancestors of finding our own food, medicine, fiber, tools, dyes and more. We will explore the grounds of Unifier and search for wild edible and medicinal mushrooms and beyond. Join two mushrooms experts – John Michelotti and Alex Dorr for a mushroom journey you will not forget! Leave with knowledge in your belt on how to go on mushroom forays to find some easy to identify edible and medicinal mushrooms, and hopeful a basket full of goodies!


Rainbow Energy Landia!

Marie Lautrec transforms into the sweet, curious & adventurous songster clown, Murry Eyeball. Murry finds comraderie amongst the little people (& big-little people for that matter) and introduces them to the world of Rainbow Energy through her magical rainbow hoop and the many wondrous knick-knacks she keeps in her Murry Poppins bag! Laughing, wiggling & silly songs are commonplace on the grand adventures of Murry Eyeball! In Rainbow Energy Landia, everyone is welcome to express their inner silliness to the fullest and to appreciate each and everyone’s Rainbow Energy fields with love and play.

Wiggle your way through the magical Rainbow Energy hoop into Rainbow Energy Landia & explore the magic of all things- backwards, forwards, upwards, inwards- in imagination we will share an adventure as we remind ourselves of the rainbow energy that lives in us all and oh what silly play it can incite!


Thomas Matherly

Wild Edibles Walk

Friday, 11am-1pm, EarthWays, Bending Tree

We are surrounded by a plethora of medcines and wild foods every day. During this walk-shop we’ll find and learn about some of the plants on the land and Camp Timber Trails and talk about identification techniques. We will also discuss sustainable harvesting and re-generative life style. As we go we’ll take time to listen to plants and learn to speak their language.

Chinese Five Elements For Healing And Chi Kung

Saturday, 11:30am-1pm, EarthWays, Bending Tree

The Chinese Five Elements are a tool that we can use to interpret and understand human health and the world around us. In this workshop we will explore the Chinese Five Element Theory through interactive lecture and Qi Gong. We will learn how to observe the Five Elements in our daily lives and how they can be utilized to guide us along our path. Other aspects of this workshop include, balancing human health conditions with the five elements, the elements of healing plants and five element permaculture: how to use the five elements for design.

Intro to Tai Chi

Sunday, 3-5pm, Yoga Beach

Tai Chi is a great way to stay healthy and offers a wonderful life philosophy. In this workshop we’ll learn some basic techniques for unlocking the flow of energy in our bodies. We’ll go over a small Tai Chi set and play with partner drills such as internal push hands and sticky hands! 
We’ll cultivate chi together while becoming deeply rooted and connected with momma earth!
I look forward to seeing you there and practicing together!


Thomas Matherly of Fox Tracks Healing Arts Began his studies in herbal medicine in 2009 with Chris Marano of Clearpath herbals and apprecnticed for over 7 years. Over this time he attended Chris’ full offering of classes and gained hands on experience with growing, harvesting and (sustainably) wild harvesting herbs, making extracts and custom blending formulas for clients, managing a fully functional apothecary, plant spirit medicine and wrapping all of these skills into a bundle through (and for) clinical consultation. After his apprenticeship he continued his practice working with plants and people, leading wild plant walks and teaching workshops on the Chinese Five Elements.

Denise Porter Kemp

Stillness in Motion: Guided Freeform Dance Meditation

This workshop utilizes guided mindfulness movement and spontaneous freeform dance meditation as experiential metaphor for resetting unconscious yet familiar patterns; in the way we approach our movement practice, in the way we move when we dance and in how we relate to the unique circumstances of our lives. I will offer meditative orientations to help us notice how the forces of momentum, conditioned habits, preconceptions, our own will, each other, the environment around us and even the music direct our movement, we will experiment with consciously unhooking ourselves from following this momentum. In the space of the pause we can potentially tap into the experiencing witness state, pure awareness underlying all other states of consciousness – the silence ever-present behind the sound, the spaciousness inside our form and the stillness of each moment within the movement – and allow fresh insight and creative possibilities to arise. Instead of repeating pattern or even identifying as the “dancer” and moving by our own will alone, the dance takes form through us. Informed yet not defined, limited or controlled by everything we have experienced so far in our lives. All levels welcome, no prior experience necessary. I will offer variations to suit every body.

Accompanied with live improvisational sound and music by Kālidāsa Joseph Getter

Denise Porter Kemp

Denise Porter Kemp makes stillness, movement and yoga meditation practices accessible to the uniqueness of every body while expressing the underlying psychology and teachings through the experiential practice of the physical form. Currently based in the forests of New Hampshire, she brings her traveling school to private homes, offices at lunchtime, ski mountains, addiction recovery centers, yoga studios and music festivals all along the east coast. Certified at the 500 hour level in the Shakti Flow Vinyasa style of yoga by Asa Dustin of At OM Yoga, Level 1 in Thai Yoga by Shai Plonski of Still Light Center and initiated into the Kaula lineage of Kashmir Shaivism by Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati, Denise has studied with many teachers and learns from everyone who comes her way. She has been teaching yoga since 2005 and offering Thai Yoga since 2011. ~ body geometry, pure awareness ~ ~

Kālidāsa Joseph Getter

Kalidasa Joseph Getter is a creative world musician with decades of experience in kirtan, experimental music, Jazz, Indonesian gamelan, Indian classical music, and music for the circus, yoga, theater, dance and sound healing.

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