We use the practices of Authentic Relating to facilitate a safe space where presence, empathy, deep and connection arise organically. That creates a nourishing, often transformative experience which allows for progressively deeper insight, understanding, exploration and expansion in ourselves, our relationships and lives in general.

If you long for more depth, authenticity and realness in your life – both with other people and in relationship with yourself this workshop may be for you! If you yearn for a community of mindful, conscious and aware peers and are ready to go beyond quick-fix self-help approaches and superficial law-of-attraction type spirituality… instead dive into the rawness, aliveness and richness of fully experiencing what arises in the present moment when we come together with awareness and the intention to drop our masks and show ourselves fully…

All are welcome… alone, with a partner, or with friends… simply bring the desire to connect with others at a deeper level.

Authentic Relating – Let’s Get Beyond Small talk

Authentic Relating – Diving into Deep Connection

Sarah Monette is a trained Authentic Relating facilitator and lead events local and abroad to help individuals and collectives discover more meaningful strategies of interacting and promote deeper connections within communities. She’s trained in psychosynthesis, mediation, and teaches a variety of communication workshops. Sarah has a passion for conversational analysis and interpersonal growth, leaning into our edges and discovering the many layers of connection at both events and in our everyday lives. She’s the founder of Nexus, an organization which aims to promote collective and personal expression through ecstatic movement, interactive art, authentic relating and introspective engagement… Sarah also DJs and co-creates several dance events, retreats, and festivals throughout New England and beyond and loves to explore the world!




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