Art Form Yoga offers practices that clear the mind and body of stored emotions, thought patterns, and conditioning that hold us back from living our truth. Our truth is our gift to the world, the unique offering that we are born to share with others. The practices offered allow us to uncover our personal truth and provide us with the tools to manifest it in the physical world.

By combining traditional yogic practices with artistic mediums of expression, we will journey into a heightened connection between the physical and subtle bodies with asana (physical poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation. We will then apply creative exercises such as drawing, painting, journaling, etc. as a way to give form to the guidance and inspiration that arises. This provides us with an outlet to freely express the wisdom from within and apply it to our daily lives. We transform our practice into an act of devotional creation and expression in all that we do.
Our explorations into new territories of consciousness together shape the blueprint for the future.

Morgan Zelmer is the founder of Art Form Yoga, a creation birthed from the union of her two passions, art and yoga.

Through innovative sessions, workshops, and events, she teaches how to tap into the limitless creativity and abundance within by blending traditional yogic practices with various creative mediums of expression. Whether it be painting on a canvas set up at the end of your mat, acting out the scenes of your dreams, or exercising intuition through journaling, you will allow your innate beauty to surface and decorate the landscape of your life.



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