Alex Dorr is a mycophile and yoga teacher inoculated in Amherst, MA. Graduate from Hampshire College with a BA studying mycology with a focus on mycoremediation. Certified in commercial mushroom spawn making, and clean room techniques from Aloha Medicinals the world’s largest producer of organic medicinal mushrooms. Owner and founder of Mushroom Revival, one of the first organic commercial Cordyceps militaris mushroom farms in the United States, and producer of medicinal mushroom value added products. Former lab manager, spawn producer and education coordinator for Fungi Ally in Hadley MA. Working with Corenewal, working on a full scale bioremediation project to remediate toxic oil pits left by Chevron/Texaco in the Sucumbios region of Ecuador. Author of the book Mycoremediation Handbook: a Grassroots Guide to Cultivation and Remediation of Toxic Waste with Fungi. Has taught workshops and has made installations all over the country and has done research all over the world. Alex ust got back from consulting farmers and building a mushroom lab in Jamaica.You could call him a lifer to the wonderful world of all things fungi.



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