PrimalPractice – Playfighting

Sunday, 8-9:15a, Yoga Beach

In this rough and tumble workshop Aaron will guide you through an intense, exhilarating and deeply therapeutic experience. Playfighting is fun, but it’s more than that! It’s a perfect place to develop physical and emotional intelligence simultaneously. Hidden layers of self are uncovered and honored through the beautifully simple process. The workshop will include a life changing warm up, storytelling, lots of playfighting games, dialogue, and a meditative integration.

Aaron Cantor

Perhaps it was fear of death. Maybe it was love of life. Probably a bit of both. Whatever it was, over 20 years ago Aaron Cantor began traveling the world attempting to become immortal. He has studied ancient yogic teachings, modern cage fighting techniques and everything in between. Bringing it all together, his work is a heartwarming, wild foraged, mythopoetic stew. When he isn’t researching physical intelligence or leading workshops he helps the elderly and people recovering from serious injuries learn to walk again.


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